Citizenship Class - Starting March 3, 2021

FREE 10 Week Class, 1 hour phone session per week, individually scheduled on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The teacher will help the students fill out the citizenship application, study for the questions in the interview, practice the reading and writing requirements Study materials will be provided.

To register contact Erica: 360 853-6456. The deadline to register is February 24.

Link: Spring 2021 Citizenship Class [PDF]

Update on DACA - Dec 16, 2020

Seattle and Mount Vernon, WA immigration attorney Carol Edward provides us with an update on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) after the recent Supreme Court ruled to reinstate it so new people are now able to apply. Trump tried to end DACA completely a few years ago, but courts ruled that those with DACA should be able to continue to renew, but the renewals were for one year rather than two. Now immigrant children who meet the original criteria, may apply even if they never had. They had to arrive before age 16 and have lived in the United States continuously since June 15, 2007. We close this week with a couple of inspiring songs.




Link: Judge Orders Government to Fully Reinstate DACA Program
The New York Times - By Caitlin Dickerson and Michael D. Shear

Link: Supreme Court Rejects Trump’s Elimination of DACA
By Mary Ellen Flannery

Link: I-821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

DACA and Citizenship Loans
Link: Power in Numbers

This is a Know your Rights Presentation for Immigrants.

We do belong together...

our destinies are bound up in one anothers...

we can be human only together.

-Desmond Tutu





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