Our Story

  • Since our founding in 2006, the SIRC has secured legal training in family-based immigration and formed alliances with local immigration lawyers and Bureau of Immigration Affairs (BIA) reps.

  • We produced an immigrant “Know Your Rights” flier in Spanish and English.

  • We produced an audio immigrant rights CD with information in Spanish, English, and Mixteco.

  • Partnering with KSVR, our rights information and PSAs about DACA air locally.

  • When DACA began on June 15, 2012, we partnered with the North Sound Alliance to negotiate a DACA loan program through the North Coast Credit Union.

  • From the first Facing Race Report on the Washington State Legislature in 2009, we have endorsed each report.

  • The SIRC organizes the DACA Legal clinics in Mount Vernon, Washington in conjunction with local attorneys and BIA representatives.

Our Mission

  • Provide legal rights & advocate training by NWIRP or local lawyers as needed.

  • Provide referrals to legal advocates & counsel for local immigrants wrongfully detained by immigration officials.

  • Encourage conversations about immigrants & immigration policy.

  • Distribute information or lead conversations and trainings on immigration issues.

  • Gather information about notario abuse to share with Attorney General’s office.

  • Advocate for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Activities & Services

  • Disseminate information regarding immigrant rights and DACA.

  • Inform advocates and public on immigration reform and rights.

  • Counter common myths about immigrants in our community.

  • Organize DACA legal clinics.

  • Expose notarios in Skagit and help people report abuse by notarios.

  • Educate community about loans.